Why Xoxo Smart Contract Is Not A Scam And How To Join

How to join XOXO network and start earning big money fast.

Some people think xoxo is a scam and can fold up any time like MMM but in this post you will understand how it works and why it’s not a scam and cannot crash.

First, xoxo is not owned or controlled by anybody or admin.
Before you finish reading this post you will understand more.

Please take 10 to 20 minutes of your time to read this post to the end twice so you can understand how XOXO SMART CONTRACT WORKS, SO YOU CAN JOIN AND BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY TO GREATNESS.


1. Download Metamask App to your phone or computer.

 2. Pay $28 dollars or N15k Naira equivalent to your sponsor if you don't have Etherum in your wallet so he/she can buy Etherum for you and fund your Metamask wallet you downloaded with Etherum amount you need.

WHY you need to pay up to $28 is to cover transaction fees if someone is buying for you, if not the actual amount to join XOXO is just 0.1 Etherum which is equivalent to $24 dollars as at the time of writing this post. If Etherum increases more amount of dollar needed increase as well, that is one of the reasons you need to join now to enjoy the boom soonest.

3. Tell the sponsor to give you his or her referral link and direct you on her to insert and register on Xoxo with the referral link inside the metamask app. I can always help on that if you chat me up on WhatsApp on +2348037-647-685

5. Note; after successful registration you need to bring one person to register under you and for life you will be receiving Etherum in a big way that can change your financial fortune forever. 

6. If you can't bring someone you can pay can pay me 0.2 Etherum extra or N16k Naira to help you bring people under you. 

7. In this program unlike others, all you need is just to bring only one person under you and that is it for life, Etherum will be dropping in your wallet steady for life once one person register under you .

I predict that Etherum is about to take over bitcoin now so people that have source of getting it as you now are already smiling.

The 7 steps above is all you need to join the network and start earning but I will explain the system more below.


Note that apart from the initial money you invested there is no other fee you are obligated to pay once you are a member.


1. Get started with 0.1 Ethereum which is $28 inclusive of transaction fees. Please DON'T begin registration on an empty wallet‼️The beginning point of xoxo registration is creating a wallet and FUNDING it with at least $24 in ethereum. Don't begin the process until you have a FUNDED Metamask wallet or Trust wallet.

2. Refer only one person. Referring many people is optional but good for profit maximisation.

3. Earn in Level 1 as follows;
50% from 1st generation
25% from 2nd generation
15% from 3rd generation 
10% from 4th generation

That's is; 
$10 from every 1 person you refer, 
$5 from every 1 person they refer, 
$3 from every 1 person coming on your 3rd generation, and 
$2 from every person joining your team on the 4th generation

If you read this post well it will answer all your questions.


*Did I just say SMART CONTRACT?* Since the emergence of Smart Contracts people have found the safest way of securing a business agreement. Smart contracts are agreements which once made or written are apploaded onto Ethereum Blockchain. That makes the contract secured and cannot be abrogated, terminated, or deleted. Even the writers have no control over a smart contract once gone onto the blockchain. _Take your time and study what smart contracts are, but in layman's language that's a simple definition._

Is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and alternative finance. 

In 2015, over US$34 billion was raised worldwide by crowdfunding. That is why we are promoting this opportunity as one where  you can make money simply through crowd Funding/leveraging of numbers.

*So simply put XOXO NETWORK is a crowdfuding programme attached as a smart contract into the ETHEREUM Blockchain network thus securing it's sustainability forever.*

Smart contracts are being used today to safeguard business interests especially in online businesses which have been characterized by scamming and systems manipulation, hence people losing hard earned cash.

*XOXO NETWORK* is an application developed in Ukraine (Google and find where that is in the globe) by some computer programmers. This application facilitates or enables *peer-to peer* or *member-to-member* payments from and/or to member wallets.

*Thank you so much for reading to this point.*🤗

*Kindly also take out time to study this post, allot of thought and work went into creating and simplifying this post so that it can easily be absorbed by everyone.*


*Part 2*

1) If you don't have  *Metamask Wallet*  download one now.

2) Get in touch with the person who added you here to *Get Referral Link*  +2348037647685.

3) *DO NOT ACCEPT REFERRAL LINK* from anyone who never invited you here. If you get a foreign link; *PLEASE IGNORE.* 


5) Secure your position; *BUY THE POOLS NOW!!*

6) *DO NOT GET DISTRACTED* by people who may be busy selling their programs here. Please note; you got here to learn Xoxo not another foreign program. Remain focused. 

7) *YOUR REGISTRATIONS BEGINS NOW* after have answered any questions you may have.

What am saying is that; xoxo is more of a crowd funding  project evolving and revolving around members who are put back after circling out through their upgrades. It's more like an unlimited earning circle.

*And all this are done automatically. When you are in a pool you can never stop making money from that pool. Even if you beg the system, it will not Allow you to stop making money from it. That's a matter of fact!!*

*What You Stand To Earn in Autopool 2-7* ?

 _Please note; quotations in USD are based on current Ethereum value. Ethereum like any other crypto asset is subject to fluctuation. Therefore, it's most likely you'll earn more than indicated due to Ethereum appreciation._ 

👉From 3 global downlines you earn; 3×0.1eth=0.3eth *($60)* 
👉Less Autopool2 Automatic re-entry = 0.2ETH *($40)* 
👉Credited to your Ethereum wallet = *0.1ETH ($20)* 

👉From 3 global downlines you earn; 3×0.15eth=0.45eth *($90)* 
👉Less Autopool3 Automatic re-entry = 0.3ETH *($60)* 
👉Credited to your Ethereum wallet = *0.15ETH ($30)* 

👉From 3 global downlines you earn; 3×0.2eth=0.6eth *($120)*
👉Less Autopool4 Automatic re-entry = 0.4ETH *($80)* 
👉Credited to your Ethereum wallet = *0.2ETH ($40)* 

👉From 3 global downlines you earn; 3×0.25eth=0.75eth *($154)* 
👉Less Autopool5 Automatic re-entry = 0.5ETH *($101)* 
👉Credited to your Ethereum wallet = *0.25ETH ($53)* 

👉From 3 global downlines you earn; 3×0.35eth=1.05eth *($212)* 
👉Less Autopool6 Automatic re-entry = 0.7ETH *($141)* 
👉Credited to your Ethereum wallet = *0.25ETH ($71)* 

👉From 3 global downlines you earn; 3×0.5eth=1.50eth *($303)* 
👉Less Autopool7 Automatic re-entry = 1ETH *($202)* 
👉Credited to your Ethereum wallet = *0.5ETH ($101)* 

*Summary passive Income that you earn over and over again unlimitedly for life!* 

Autopool 2 = $20
Autopool 3 = $30
Autopool 4 = $40
Autopool 5 = $53
Autopool 6 = $71
Autopool 7 = $101
*TOTAL*    = *$315*


*Let's explore the second way you earn in Xoxo.*


As I said AUTOPOOLS 2-7 are automated and don't need your personal intervention. This is a very good way to earn passive income for people who feel recruiting is not their thing.

When you sign up with at least 1 direct; the AUTOPOOLS 2-7 are open to you to participate in.

*Each autopool has activation fee. You are REQUIRED to pay the activation fee ONCE. Once you make money in autopool 1 buy any pool of your choice or buy all of them at once. Once you buy; you never buy again but enter a lifetime cycle of earnings in the autopools.*💯

Let me clarify further; your contribution is *NOT HELD ANYWHERE* by XOXO program. *XOXO HOLDS NO MEMBERS MONEY.*

*People are already making millions just from this alone and you too can begin today*

If you the type that can refer people if not one person is already enough for you. It will help you faster. 👇🏻👇🏻
 *If you make it your habit to refer people you'll earn in Autopool 1 from generation 1-4 as follows; -*

- Level1 50% (0.050 eth = $12.21),
- Level2 25% (0.025 eth = $6.10),
- Level3 15% (0.015 eth = $3.66),
- Level4 10% (0.010 eth = $2.44)

The exchange rate have used is: 1ether=$244
When Ether goes up, your earning in USD$ goes up too.

*Basically there are two ways you earn in XOXO NETWORK;* 
 *👉AUTOPOOL 1* - minimal personal participation required
 *👉AUTOPOOLS 2-7* - automated hence no personal participation required.

If you need assistance in registration or have any question you can ask so I put you through.

You can also join my telegram channel directly with the below link.

or WhatsApp Group to learn, ask questions and join faster.  https://chat.whatsapp.com/CnRBKlSPkTJLDRWT3SSrAf

I have been a member of Forsage Smart contract and Million money Smart contract and will tell you confidently this is far better.

Join Xoxo smart contact and be smilling to the bank daily.
See you the millionaires club soonest.


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