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Why Xoxo Smart Contract Is Not A Scam And How To Join

How to join XOXO network and start earning big money fast. Some people think xoxo is a scam and can fold up any time like MMM but in this post you will understand how it works and why it’s not a scam and cannot crash. First, xoxo is not owned or controlled by anybody or admin. Before you finish reading this post you will understand more. Please take 10 to 20 minutes of your time to read this post to the end twice so you can understand how XOXO SMART CONTRACT WORKS, SO YOU CAN JOIN AND BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY TO GREATNESS. >>>STEB BY STEP GUIDE<<< 1. Download Metamask App to your phone or computer.  2. Pay $28 dollars or N15k Naira equivalent to your sponsor if you don't have Etherum in your wallet so he/she can buy Etherum for you and fund your Metamask wallet you downloaded with Etherum amount you need. WHY you need to pay up to $28 is to cover transaction fees if someone is buying for you, if not the actual amount to join XOXO is jus