Zimbabwe Government Fixes Burial Date For Mugabe Despite Burial Location Disagreement

Report reaching Richng is that Zimbabwe’s government has fixed a date for Robert Mugabe’s funeral.

The funeral for the long time leader will be on Saturday, September 14th 2019 and the burial ceremony will be on the following day.

This announcement comes amid a row over where the former president will be buried. 

No specific location has been fixed for the next day burial but the main funeral will be at Harare National Sports stadium on Saturday, September 14th 2019.

Though members of the late long time leader Mr. Mugabe’s family are battling with the ruling Zanu PF political party over its plan to bury the former leader in a cemetery for heroes of the liberation war in the capital.

It is reported that Mugabe has a grave ready next to his first wife Sally in Heroes Acre, a North-Korea designed graveyard also home to prestigious Zanu PF supporters.
However, some of Mr Mugabe’s family want him interred in their rural village in Zvimba district, about 50 miles northwest of Harare.

They were quoted as saying "We want him buried here. Heroes, for what?" Mr Mugabe’s cousin, Josephine Jorincha, told AFP in the village of Kutama.

Mr Mugabe’s nephew, Leo, who is the family’s head of burial preparations also told the Telegraph that he was negotiating with village chiefs over the final site for Mugabe's burial.

He said that Mr Mugabe’s toppling in a 2017 coup by his former right-hand man Emerson Mnangagwa had rendered the former dictator ambivalent about being buried in the Zanu PF shrine. However, Leo said that he believed Mr Mugabe would eventually be buried in Heroes’ Acre.

He said: "I am sure he will be buried at Heroes’ Acre. We are with the chiefs, we have to consult."


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